Back in October 2006, One Life to Live actress Tika Sumpter and hip-hop artist Precise ended their run as the duo in the group Twise. It’s been two years since Tika expressed wanting to try her hand at a solo career, and now that ship has launched!

Not only does Tika have a brand new MySpace, she has a ‘music’ MySpace filled with all of her latest creations including songs titled Downtown, Freak, On Your Mind, Fall In Love, I Know What She Wants and Naughty! While these songs are not available to the public yet, we’ve been told that Tika is working on a release, so her fans can enjoy them as well! However, these songs are available at Tika’s MySpace for fans to listen to today!

For those who will be attending Tika’s very first August 16, 2008 fan club event, you’ll get to hear the diva sing her new music live! wants to congratulate Tika on making another part of her dream come true! We wish you much success and hope to see a CD of yours in stores soon! If anyone missed our January 2008 interview with Tika, feel free to read it here!