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Welcome to Amy’s “One Life in a Week” for December 5 – 9:

This week brought viewers to one of my most beloved sets in recent years, the Bon Jour Café – the original, not the Llanview lookalike. Past characters returned, connections were made and old ties couldn’t be forgotten. Let’s take a look…

A stripper in a jail cell with a secret to tell.
Llanview’s favorite stripper resurfaced this week. It’s good to see Kim can still blackmail with the best of them, even from jail. She traded secrets of Stacy in exchange for Rex and Aubrey getting her released. Kim wanting to hightail it back to Llanfair to confront Clint for supposedly blowing her off was believable. Clint offending Viki by suggesting they pick up where they left off years ago – since Kim wasn’t coming back to him – was downright ridiculous. Just for his statement, as well as the way he refused to answer Viki’s questions about Kim, a Viki/Clint reunion is not on my list of ‘must haves’ before the finale. He could have followed up their passionate kiss with something a little more sensitive.

A trip to the Bon Jour Cafe.
After all Cutter has done, allowing Gigi to continue believing she’s Stacy isn’t a real shocker. He may have finally given up scamming for love, but it’s not going to last. Little by little she’s starting to place familiarities in the Texas diner, and with Llanview residents arriving on scene it’s only a matter of time before life as she knows it comes full circle. Did you enjoy the Paris, Texas scenes at the Bon Jour Cafe?

Will the prince finally get his due?
Prince Manning, like Cutter, may be ready to turn in his bad boy image for a girl. Too bad Neela isn’t as naïve as she appears. Shane’s influence pushed Neela toward the quest to prove Jack had something to do with Gigi’s death. poster ” lucetta” stated, “Jack, you are a loser. I’m not liking Shane setting him up, but he deserves all that he gets. He was definitely leader of the pack, and yes due to no parental supervision.” Since teenage love isn’t of interest anymore, if Jack can finally face his demons at the end of this debacle, it won’t be time wasted.

Skype, the new way to confess.
We know that Tomas was forced to admit he killed Victor. Todd supposedly killed Victor. Blair’s judgment might be clouded by Todd’s eagerness to help and comfort her, but Tea’s smarter than that. She respects John’s opinion and suspects he could be right about Todd. If anyone can blow Todd out of the water, it’s Tea. Instead of dragging this storyline out further, whoever killed Victor needs to come forward and confess because this plot is becoming a thorn in my side.