How will it end?

“One Life To Live’s” Erika Slezak (Viki) took to her latest newsletter to answer a few burning questions, weighing on the minds of fans everywhere. Some have wondered if any ending scenes were taped on the chance that the show would not be migrating online. Erika stated, “No, I don’t think alternate endings were taped, except one, which in this case now, will apply.”

We have no idea how the show will end or what type of cliffhangers will be leaving us asking, “What happened?” Fans have hoped that the actors could head back into the ABC studios to tape some alternate scenes to prevent this from happening, but Erika shared, “No! We are done with ABC – the studio has been emptied, the sets are stored, the lights are gone, the cameras are gone, and the studio is being refurbished for another show – I heard “Millionaire,” but don’t know if that’s true.” plans to enjoy the ride while it lasts. We encourage fans to do so as well, if not for anything other than to pay homage to Llanview and the actors who have brought us these great storylines.

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– Amy Mistretta