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Welcome to Amy’s “One Life in a Week” for November 28 – December 2:

The week started out with some happy surprises. Todd crept closer to Blair, many got pie in their eye, and Matthew didn’t die. Let’s take a look…

Second chances.
Must be the luck of the Buchanans that brought Matthew back from the dead. poster “Terri1216” excitedly stated, “Oh boy did they fool me! I thought they were killing him off. I think we all fell for it. Yay! He’s alive!” Not only did Matthew find out he came back from being unconscious for six months, he witnessed Destiny having a hot-flash, who flashed her baby bump. “Bruceyboy” brings up some good points and stated, “I think they should have let Matthew die… It would have been a far more dramatic storyline. Keeping him alive means what? He gets a free pass for killing Eddie Ford and lives happily ever after with Destiny and the baby?” Yep, that’s usually the way things roll in Daytime.

Dessert at the Evans’ house was one of the funniest Thanksgiving scenes ever. “Lulujaz” chimed in, “That kind of fun is why we love soaps.” What started out as a disagreement over whether or not to marry turned into a full-blown pie fight. Mrs. Evans can be harsh and very forward, so for her to back down and respect Vivian’s stance on marriage was a nice touch. God help Vivian if she ever does decide to walk down the aisle with Shaun. Dealing with Shaun’s mom during a holiday or two is nothing compared to having to endure years as her daughter-in-law. In any case, what do you think about Vivian’s thoughts on marriage?

A lot of McLovin’.
Between John hiding his feelings for Natalie, and Natalie getting all bent out of shape for him doing so… enough. Enough. Enough. Enough! This is the most drawn-out, repetitive storyline in Llanview. “Jumps” reminded, “Oh Natalie… WTH is wrong with you? Do you really think John has changed? How long have you known the guy? This is never going to end.” By the time this couple gets back together are we really going to care anymore? Jolie fans have longed for John to find out the truth about Liam. We already know he loves Natalie and that she loves him. It’s too bad they can’t skip the roadblocks this time around and just be happy for the last final weeks because Roxy was right… John’s a man of few words and a lot of McLovin’! Bring back the passionate, steamy bedroom scenes – anything to give this couple a kick start.

Starting over.
Brody’s change over the past few months has left a bad taste with me. The fact that he’s still so in love with Natalie seems to linger from the fumes left from his lies. In all fairness, the way he was written out, headed toward a personal journey of reclaiming his life, was executed well. He’s always been a well-liked character, for the most part, and his ending lit a glimmer of hope that he can change once again.