Credit: Kassie DePaiva (ABC)

Actors express their upset and thanks…

Last Wednesday Prospect Park suspended its online migration plans for “All My Children” and “One Life To Live.” Llanview actors continued to react over the holiday weekend and expressed their upset and thanks to their “One Life To Live” family, which includes their fans…

Jerry VerDorn (Clint) posted on Facebook, “Much to be thankful for and a little something to grumble about. Don’t blame Prospect Park but rather blame the economy. They lost some financing that was too hard to replace. Start-up money is near impossible to find these days. Who knows what may happen. I guess my birthday present this year is retirement. Love to all.”

Hillary B. Smith (Nora) tweeted, “I want to be careful what I say right now. I am so sad for the fans. I am so sad for all of us who were robbed of the 7 months to plan. I wish there had been more communication. This was not about AFTRA! The guilds and unions were talking. The endings were changed to accommodate the move. I wish they would have left us alone. So sad! Endings were changed! So unprofessional. You will all still be satisfied. The ride to the end is still worth it! I promise. Meanwhile, Long Live “Venice!” I still feel that ABC will regret this decision. I love you all! I m sorry! But the show is worth the ride. Enjoy through January!”

Mark Lawson (Brody) posted on Facebook, “Sorry to hear Prospect Park was unable to pull it off. A sad day today for all the fans. A sad day for all of us who were part of the “One Life” family. But I know we all brought our best these last few months and can be proud of how we finished the game. Thanks “OLTL” for all you taught me.”

Bree Williamson (Jessica) tweeted, “I am so sad to hear about P Park. I’m going to eat my feelings today.”

Kelley Missal (Dani) tweeted, “So sad but at least they gave it the chance it deserved! Thankful for friends and family, good health, and of course my “OLTL” family and experience.”

Robin Strasser (ex-Dorian) tweeted, “I believe “OLTL” actors who accepted PP offer from the get-go would’ve knocked it out of the ballpark right through last tape day, even without that.”