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Welcome to Amy’s “One Life in a Week” for November 21- 25:

It was a short week in Llanview with many rallying around for the holidays in hopes of mending fences, making new beginnings and aiming toward getting what they want no matter what. Let’s take a look.

Losing yet another child and his mother.
Earlier spoilers implied that Brody would go off the rails in a huge way. Props to Ron Carlivati for creating, maybe even rewriting, such an emotional scene, one that didn’t have Brody doing something even more desperate than kidnapping Liam. John and Natalie’s sense of understanding, along with Brody’s heartfelt goodbye to Liam, contributed toward a possible redemption for this once loved character. Facebook friend “Shirlene W.” admitted, “I kind of feel bad for Brody. That guy has gotten such a raw deal.” Yes, Brody has lost three children now, as well as three women – if you count Gigi. For that he gets sympathy, but to go to the extremes he has… Brody’s in charge of his own actions and could’ve handled things a lot differently. Nevertheless, Mark Lawson’s scene was definitely Emmy worthy. Now the question remains, where do John and Natalie go from here? poster “GeneRandolf” stated, “I’ve replayed the scenes of Natalie and John working together in the office researching Brody’s steps in the kidnapping of their son, Liam, several times. The secretive smiles they gave each other were so telling of how truly these two belong together.” You won’t get any argument here. It’s been a longtime coming for John and Natalie to discover the truth and reunite. Let’s just hope it’s a bit more exciting than the last time they gave it another go-round. It’s safe to say “Jumps” doesn’t think it will be, “I am so over Natalie and John. Are they going to talk their relationship to death now?” Another poster, “Ladyhell,” agreed and stated, “I absolutely hate John and Natalie together. John is supposed to be this super smart detective but being with Natalie just makes him stupid. At the end of the day she is still a lying, cheating witch. If I were Jessica or John I wouldn’t be able to stand to even look at her.” Vote where you think John and Natalie should go from here.

Cutter wasn’t kidding when he vowed to standby his childhood promise to himself, to kill Alex if he ever laid eyes on her again. Good thing ‘Stacy’ was there to prevent him from having to dispose of another dead body.