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Welcome to Amy’s “One Life in a Week” for November 14 – 18:

The skies opened wide this week in Llanview and brought fans a reveal that’s been a longtime coming. The new promo featured a song, which referred that ‘everything’s going to change’ and you can bet the Buchanan fortune things are going to change for a lot of people. Let’s take a look…

“Hand it over, Chubby Cheeks.”
The dialogue between Liam and David Vickers the dog was hysterical. Andrea Evans’ voice, aligned with little Tallulah Bean’s barks, and Michael Easton’s voiceover for Liam was adorable. poster “jharp51” asked, “They showed a little white puppy with a brown head and face, so cute. I’m looking for what kind of dog it was.” She’s is a Shih Tzu. OLTL’s Tallulah Bean talked to through her owner Vanessa a while back. It takes a smart dog to execute those scenes and the secret weapon in helping her do so is food. In fact, Tallulah Bean is a big fan of cheese!

“It’s true. I knew.”
Twitter pal “Maria M.” stated, “John’s reaction to Natalie’s news was almost worth the year it’s taken to resolve this storyline.” Agreed, the wait was well worth it. From Brody being forced to verify that he’d known the truth about Liam all long, to the look on John’s face when Natalie let him in on the secret… Loved it! Brody has no one to blame but himself, though “Slayer2678” thinks Natalie’s at fault and stated, “If I were on the show I’d be terrified if my character ended up involved with Natalie. You just have to love how they’ve spent months slowly destroying the character of Brody just so we won’t think Natalie’s a total ‘B’ for dumping him and running back to John at the drop of a hat. We all know that’s what would have happened had Brody not ‘gone crazy’ and lied about the paternity. I guess any actor they want written off the show they just stick in a story with Natalie.” “Lady53” doesn’t agree and rebuffed, “Can’t blame Nat for this. Not the first time Brody has gone mental over losing a family that wasn’t his to lose. After all look who he had as his shrink, a nutty shrink who needed a shrink herself.” Marty is to blame for switching the results to begin with, but the second Brody learned the truth he should have came forward. Unless you have a father like Mitch Laurence, a mother like Margret Cochran or anyone in the same league as those two, keeping a child’s paternity a secret never ends well. Proven point… now we’re forced to wait even longer for John, Natalie and Liam to reunite, due to another kidnapping storyline. Brody pulled himself out of his darkest days once and should have dug deep for the strength to do it again. Vote your thoughts on Brody’s actions.

Coming full circle.
It’s not a law to have rings in order to get married. Tina and Cord deciding to spontaneously tie the knot was romantic but using Brody and Natalie’s rings, not so much. These two need luck on their side more than ever. After what Natalie and Brody’s farce of a relationship/wedding stood for, they’d have been better off using Roxy’s cheap costume jewelry as symbols of their love.