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Welcome to Amy’s “One Life in a Week” for October 31 – November 4:

The week started off and continued with a fun tribute to Halloween, which was entertaining and played off some of the front burner storylines. Seeing everyone in costume and celebrating made for a festive Monday, with little Sam just getting cuter with each episode! Then the costumes came off and brought us right back to the reality that is Llanview – in turmoil. Let’s take a look…

Halloween engagement party.
Cutter flipping around on the floor while Aubrey unraveled his mummy costume was a hoot. She was on to something when turning Natalie and Brody’s engagement party into a Halloween bash, even though the couple in question stood out like a sore thumb. Maybe that was their intention. There’s a lot to be said about a guy in uniform, but throwing Natalie in with a matching one made them appear almost cartoonish.

Runaway sister.
Just when we thought there were enough teens running around town, experiencing adult issues, one more was added to the mix. If Neela is anything like her brother Vimal, or his wife Rama, she may win viewers over. On the other hand, considering she’s taking up company with Jack, Neela might not have a chance. Jack needs a friend, and watching a relationship develop between him and Neela is far better than listening to Brad’s cocky attitude. Oops, I almost forgot that Brad’s in jail. See what I mean… kids in an adult world.

Something of Victor left behind?
Tea becoming pregnant with Victor’s child would be a welcome development. Unexpected pregnancies go hand-in-hand with Daytime, and this is one that could work. Destiny’s, not so much. It’s a personal preference, mine not being another teen pregnancy storyline.

Back from the depths of the Llantano River.
Yet again, Irene lied and Louie reappeared – alive. Though Todd had hoped the gun he’d given Louie would clear him, now he’s fighting to keep it from John. I still don’t believe that it’s the murder weapon. If it is, Todd isn’t the one who shot his brother. Irene could still turn out to be the killer, but with Mitch set to return it could make sense that he’d been working with Irene all along and either killed Victor himself or had someone else do it. Maybe even Allison Perkins.