Special appearance.

TV Guide is reporting that Pine Valley and Llanview creator Agnes Nixon will be making a guest appearance on “One Life To Live.” Before the show leaves ABC, Agnes will appear as Agnes Dixon, the creator of “Fraternity Row” – a soap within the soap. For those who don’t remember “Fraternity Row” has been a part of Llanview since the 80s and will be incorporated back into the show during its final weeks on ABC before its online migration in January 2012.

Look for Agnes’ character to be interviewed by reporter Blanca Morales (Carolina Bermudez). She plans to shoot scenes on November 17, which will appear the week of January 9. The last time Agnes showed up in Llanview was back in 2008 for One Life To Live’s 40th Anniversary.

Watch a past video interview with Agnes to learn more about her love of Daytime.