We all mourned the death of One Life to Live’s Ben Davidson when he passed on while in a coma, leaving his heart behind for his wife Viki (Erika Slezak) – literally! Although we’ve been anxiously awaiting his return for the show’s 40th Anniversary Special this July, fans of Mark Derwin will be able to catch the actor in primetime – tonight – in “The Secret Life of the American Teenager!”

Set to premiere at 8:00 PM tonight on ABC Family, Mark will star as the father in what the show’s producer calls 7th Heaven with sex. Although the show will discuss the issue profusely, Brenda Hampton has stated that it won’t contain any steamy scenes, which often accompany the subject.

Hoping to target teens and their parents as a whole, the show will surround teen pregnancy and the young love that so many feel at that age, which lead them to sex in the first place. Knowing in this day and age that 20% of fifteen-year-old girls and 25% of the same aged boys are sexually active, the show is hoping to help those families dealing with these issues of society today.

Other actors set to star in the new primetime drama include Shailene Woodley (Amy, the daughter who comes home from camp pregnant after her first sexual encounter), Molly Ringwald (Amy’s mother, who will play the wife to Mark’s character), Daren Kagasoff (Ricky, the guy who seduces Amy), Megan Park (Grace, the Christian cheerleader who plans to practice abstinence), John Schneider and Josie Bissett (Grace’s parents), Greg Finley (Jack, Grace’s boyfriend who doesn’t want to wait), Francia Raisa (Adrian, the school bad girl), Kenny Baumann (Ben, the nerd who doesn’t think he’ll ever lose his virginity), and India Eisley (Ashley, Amy’s rebellious sister).

Soaps.com wants to wish Mark and the show much success! We only hope it will open the eyes of those going through similar issues in their young lives and encourage them to turn to their parents or someone else they trust for support. This isn’t the first time ABC has tackled this issue. As we all know, One Life to Live’s Brandon Buddy (Cole) and Kristen Alderson (Starr) are currently at the center of a teen pregnancy storyline – one we hope will also open the eyes of our youth today and make them realize they are not alone!