Since One Life to Live’s Jessica Brennan (Bree Williamson) became integrated back in 2006 word was that The Powers That Be had no intentions of ever bringing her alter ego Tess back. However, that was back when former headwriter Dena Higley was at the helm. Now with Ron Carlivati in charge, Tess is back!

While some may think the whole D.I.D storyline has been played out since the days of Niki Smith (Erika Slezak), I think Ron bringing Tess back to the canvas – especially after Nash’s death – is brilliant! After all, Nash is the one person who made Tess really ‘feel’ any good emotions, the one person who she was forced to give up, so why not have Nash be the person who ultimately brings her back!

Without going into spoiler details, I think you’ll agree with me when I say, I’d hate to be in Natalie (Melissa Archer) and Jared’s (John Brotherton) shoes, as they have been the focus of Jessica’s anger since her beloved Nash (Forbes March) fell over a railing at The Palace, through a massive skylight and landed in the lobby, which ultimately caused his death. For those who couldn’t stop crying their eyes out during that episode, I invite you to read my In Memory of Nash article. can’t wait to see what Tess has in store for not only Jared and Natalie but for the rest of Llanview as well! However, we can’t forget about the baby that Jessica is carrying and wonder if Tess will be as careless during this pregnancy as she was in the beginning of her last! Stay tuned… as of late, Llanview and Ron’s writing team (who won an Emmy Award this year for Outstanding Writing Team), have been on fire!