Another vet returns.

Updated on November 11:

Fans have been wondering in what capacity Fiona’s deceased character will return. The actress took to her Facebook to address the questions and stated, “So many of you have continued to ask me for scoops on what will be in store for Gabrielle. I simply cannot give away any spoilers for my upcoming appearances on “One Life to Live” but I can say that it has been a beautiful experience for me thus far! Being around my “OLTL” family, the cast, the crew, the producers, the directors, the writers, the staff, it has really touched me. I am having moments of… sheer happiness, sadness, nostalgia, creativity… all of it. This place, these people are all a part of me as are all of you whom I cherish so very much. I knew this would happen. But I also know that in order to begin a new perspective, you must find some sort of closure in the way things were. We are moving into a new age of entertainment and the wonderful component of digital is that there’s an unbelievable amount of tracking and monitoring of audience engagement. All of you (and myself) will be able to interact as opposed to just reacting. I am learning so much from so many people. I want to know what all of you think. I want to hear your ideas, what kinds of stories you would like to see told, the ways in which you want to contribute to the interactive aspects. Let’s engage in a flow of what moves each of us. My John-John, my two sons Hutch & Trevor and their brilliant Godmother Bridget Petrella are all planning to produce so many projects together. We want to not just create, but make a difference in people’s lives, allow them to share and communicate on a massive global scale. Tell us all what you think!”

Previously Reported on October 20:

Fiona Hutchison, who played Gabrielle Medina Holden from 1987 to 1991 and again from 2001 to 2004, will be returning to “One Life To Live.” The actress tweeted, “Brace yourselves, I have some wonderful news to share with all of you. I am returning to “One Life To Live” as Gabrielle. I have two shooting dates. Keep in mind, these are not air dates, but shooting dates. The first shoot date is Tuesday October 25; the second shoot date is Tuesday November 15. I have absolutely no idea what they have in store for Gabrielle. She is dead but with Daytime, who knows? I swear I would tell all of you if I knew what was going to happen. I have no script as of yet.”

Fans may remember that Bo (Robert Woods) found Gabrielle’s body after she was killed by The Music Box Killer in 2004. Though there is no word on how she’ll return, will keep readers updated on Fiona’s air dates. Since leaving Llanview, Fiona has appeared in film and Primetime roles, as well as in Daytime on “As The World Turns” as Celia Frasier (2008) and on “Guiding Light” as Jenna Bradshaw Thorpe Morgan Cooper (1997 to 2009). She is currently filming “The Southside” as Detective Samms. She’ll also be appearing in Season Two of the web series “The Bay.”