For those longtime fans of the show, we all know that Robert S. Woods’ (Bo) real life wife, Loyita Chapel has appeared on One Life to Live in the past as Clint’s ex-flame from Texas, Dallas Roberts. However, get ready for a real family reunion when not only Loyita returns to the show for its special 40th anniversary – but Robert and Loyita’s seventeen-year-old son will make an appearance as well!

As we reported back on June 10, 2008 in our Plots and Big Returns article, Robert will be featured in a special blast from the past type 1968 storyline to reenact a similar ‘old west’ style spoof that Phil Carey (Asa) took part in, which also featured Loyita as Blaize Buchanan! While Bo will go back in time and take the role of Asa, Rex (John-Paul Lavoiser) will play Bo – and so will Robert’s son Tanner! Sound like something from the Twilight Zone? In the same storyline, Loyita will return to present day Llanview as Dallas but will also take a trip back in time as the 1968 version of Renee Buchanan! wants to welcome Loyita back, and we can’t wait to see Tanner as well! Just when we thought the roster for the 40th anniversary episodes was complete, the show keeps adding more fun characters! You never know, fans, there may still be a few yet to come! Stay tuned!