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Welcome to Amy’s “One Life in a Week” for September 19 – 23:

This week was all about trying to prove innocence, keeping a secret hidden, and sacrificing one’s dreams by putting all of their hope and trust in a couple of losers. This is Llanview after all, and I wouldn’t expect anything less. Making sense of everything is another story, so on with my blog…

Lies in exchange for justice.
They may help in the beginning, but the truth normally always prevails. We know Jack’s been lying about his eye-witness account, and it was interesting hearing Shane admit it too. I don’t think Shane killed Victor, as it’s starting to appear. Maybe Shane was dreaming today, dreaming of hitting Jack over the head. Maybe he did go and confront Victor with a gun, only to have Brody appear and stop him. I’m leaning toward the theory that Shane witnessed the murder, and I could even accept it if Brody turns out to be the killer. It would align the facts up nicely and explain why Shane doesn’t feel too broken up about staying quiet. After all, Shane went to Brody for help in getting justice for his mother, and Brody promised to do just that. Throwing in Tea’s suspicions over Jack’s claims, and the fact that Blair’s digging deeper for the truth, is sure to put a damper on Brody’s otherwise relaxed demeanor. He’s appearing much too pleased about how the murder mystery is panning out. Here again, like Shane, he’d also be an obvious choice as the killer. I’d rather it be someone we know, someone the writers could play off of to further and create storylines to come. Having one of Irene’s minions as the culprit, well, that’d be just boring. Now, the question remains, should Tea help Todd prove his innocence, or do you have a feeling he really killed his brother? Vote in my Poll: Tea’s Help to let me know. I liked the interaction between Dani and Todd… the tender way he appealed to her loss and the way Dani seems to be almost subconsciously willing to accept that Todd’s her father. I can see these two having a strong relationship down the road.

“That was a close one, Stacy.”
The only reason I can think of as to why Cutter was shocked to see Stacy, and why Kim doesn’t want anyone else to see her, is because Kim had Stacy’s face surgically reconstructed to look like Gigi. I have no idea why the hell Kim would do that or why she would be worried about who was inside Gigi’s coffin. Unless Kim has Houdini’s ghost in her back pocket, and Gigi’s the one who’s really in that bed, why would Kim give Stacy Gigi’s face? Fun stuff though!