Poor little Sam. (Soaps.com)

Welcome to Amy’s “One Life in a Week” for September 5 – 9:

It was a short week in Llanview, but the murder mystery was in full swing with a lot of guilty suspects walking around town and some new revelations that could hold the key to who really killed Victor. We were also treated to a familiar face from the past, but were you happy with how the return was executed? Let’s take a look…

First love.
It was nice to see Erin Torpey’s cameo appearance and longtime fans may have noticed that little spark between Cris and her character, considering she played Jessica during the time when Cris found his ‘first love’ in her. We’re to assume Thursday was David Fumero’s last scene and with the show ending its ABC run in January, then continuing online, I can see the importance of bringing back show vets to celebrate their part in its forty-three year television run. What did you think about Erin’s cameo? Let me know through my Poll: Erin Torpey’s Return. It was fun watching Cris and Jessica test the ‘old waters’, but it’s best to keep her in Llanview to deal with her mess of a life, which includes her suppressed feelings for Ford.

The Ugly Duckling.
Between Todd turning out to be Victor, T.M. resurfacing as the real Todd Manning, and Kim staking her claim on her real identity, Aubrey Wentworth, I’ve spent a lot of time in our “One Life To Live” cast list tweaking details to reflect these changes. I like the spin that Kim and Cutter are siblings and that our beautiful Kim used to be an “ugly duckling.” It’s safe to say Kim has a plastic surgeon hidden in her G-string, but I’m still not convinced Stacy is the one in that bed. It makes no sense to hide her away. I look forward to Kristine and Kim’s interaction next week, as well as Cutter finding Rex’s gun in Morris’ hidey-ho.