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Welcome to Amy’s “One Life in a Week” for August 22 – 26:

The theme of the week has to be exits. There has been no word yet on which actors will stay or who will go when the show migrates online in 2012. This week had some favorites leaving Llanview, and I can only hope that a few of them make a return next year. Let’s take a look at the losses, as well as the other drama that surrounded them…

A Llanview without Dorian and David.
It broke my heart to say goodbye to Dorian and David. I find it hard to believe that we’ll never see these two iconic characters in Daytime again, so here’s hoping they return one day. These exits are inevitable but still tough all the same. I’ll never forget all of the delicious drama caused by Dorian, how David’s classic comedic dialogue had me laughing with every word or Dorian and Viki’s ups and downs throughout the years that almost always left them on a frenemies playing field. Kelly and Joey are no real loss to me at this point, and I wasn’t heartbroken to hear Baz will soon be departing or that Deanna has already left for good.

Their love lives on…
Todd wasn’t the one who’s been there all these years by Tea’s side, the man she thought hurt her time and time again in the past. In fact, Victor has been the man who Tea reconnected and fell in love with, a man she still loves and can accept. Monday’s scenes were so touching. Though Victor has lost so much, I’m glad he didn’t lose Tea’s love. Unfortunately, with all the animosity lingering amongst many over the Todd reveal, not to mention all of the gun toting going on, I have a feeling we are in for another murder mystery. If Victor is the one who’s killed in cold-blood next week, there will be too many suspects to count and another whodunit debacle promised to suffocate out all of the other storylines.