Kerry's New CD!

Coming off the recent announcement of the Tony Award nominations, Amy Mistretta took the time to ask Kerry where she was when she received news regarding her nomination and, of course, what her reaction was to be given such an honor. “I just finished doing the news to publicize the release of my CD when my friend Craig called me and said let me be the first to congratulate you, it was up on the web,” Kerry said. “I didn’t believe it at first, but then lots of people started calling! So it was very exciting!”

Kerry’s Broadway hit Xanadu got a nomination for best show as well as the choreography, and Kerry looked fabulous during the performances! Knowing it had to be fun to create her on stage role, we still wondered if a return to daytime would ever be a possibility for Kerry or if Broadway was something of a first love for her, to which Kerry admitted, “Broadway is definitely my first love. I have wanted to do this since I was a little girl. But I really love doing television too, and I think to be a working actress you have to do everything.” Kerry went on to explain the rewards of working in theatre verses television and said, “Well the audience gives you instant gratification, and you can feel them out and figure out what they like and don’t like immediately.”

Given that, we can now see where the phrase ‘The show must go on’ comes from. During Xanadu we asked Kerry if there was anything in particular that had everyone scrambling to push forward or if there were any funny bloopers she wanted to share. “Our leading man broke his leg in three places right before the press started coming to our show, and two weeks till opening. So they ended up replacing him, which was difficult. And then two other cast members broke bones and were out of the show, it was very scary.” Wow, that would be scary indeed! It’s a good thing the soaps don’t tape during a live audience! Speaking of Kerry’s old ‘daytime stomping grounds’ we knew there had to be a few things she’s missed since leaving the show… “I miss getting my hair and makeup done and wearing those amazing outfits! Claudia had very good taste,” Kerry said then talked about her old castmates. “I see people occasionally around, but haven’t gone back.”

Who could forget Claudia’s onscreen affair with Nash. With Claudia gone and Nash (Forbes March) on his way out of Llanview, Kerry commented on her former co-star’s exit, “I am totally surprised, this is the first I am hearing about it! That’s too bad, I think he is great on the show!” We agreed both were awesome together and we will never forget the fun storyline the actors brought from California to Llanview!