Just when everyone was commenting that One Life to Live ratings had gone down, the show quickly kicked it into high gear and gave us some unforgettable storylines that sent the numbers skyrocketing!

I am happy to report that during the week of May 12, 2008, Starr’s pregnancy fallout and Rex and Adriana’s drama filled wedding, One Life to Live delivered its best numbers in eight months in women ranging from eighteen to thirty-four and in three months in women ranging from eighteen to forty-nine!

During Starr (Kristen Alderson) and Cole’s (Brandon Buddy) runaway scenes, the show hit the jersey shores for their awaited location shoot that not only delivered its viewers an amazing storyline surrounding young love and the ramifications of having unprotected sex, but it brought public awareness to many who felt just as alone as Starr and Cole!

And who could forget the events leading up to Rex (John-Paul Lavoisier) and Adriana’s (Melissa Fumero) wedding – and how Gigi picked that precise moment to reply to, “If anyone doesn’t think these two should wed speak now or forever hold your peace.” It was priceless! Okay, so they ended up getting married anyway, but the show has kept us wanting, and waiting, until the next shoe drops!

Soaps.com wants to send the show, its actors and crew a much-deserved congratulations for always keeping us glued to the screen!