Well, everyone, we all know that a bad guy’s run has to come to an end someday… Whether it’s through jail time, being killed off, or whatever may contribute to stop their wrongdoings, it’s inevitable.

Just when the shady Lee Ramsey was finally gaining a solid fanbase, sources say the One Life to Live actor will be leaving the show and Llanview behind in the coming months.

Since appearing on the scene on October 16, 2007, Hunt has played his character well and has made us feel a love/hate attitude toward the corrupted FBI agent, Lee Ramsey, which is what every actor shoots for – recognition from the fans! He’s made us take pity on John for having to suffer through Marty’s death, pity on Marty for causing her death to begin with, pity on Cole for leaving him motherless, pity on Bo for having lost a job he loved… the list goes on and on.

However, when faced with the fact that we will no longer have such a devilish character on the show to bestow so much drama on many, we hope that the powers that be let Lee leave with a huge bang! Remember, we can’t forget about this person that Lee has been hiding in his penthouse for months… wonder if they’ll play a role in his exit as well? Stay tuned!

Soaps.com wants to send Lee our thanks for giving us such a great character – one who will go down in Llanview history as being one of the most sly ever!