New piece of the puzzle.

It was revealed today that Irene Manning is very much alive and at the center of the mystery surrounding the two Todds, played by Trevor St. John and Roger Howarth. Since this storyline has remained pretty hush hush with the network, many are wondering who’s playing Todd’s mother. Actress Barbara Rhoades is about to shake up Llanview with her portrayal of Irene, previously played by Kate McKeown. Barbara’s resume includes numerous film and Primetime credits such as “Law & Order,” “Dallas,” and “Generations” to name a very small few.

For those who don’t recall, Irene supposedly died from cancer back 1978 and was a longtime friend of Viki’s (Erika Slezak). It wasn’t until the early 1960s when she left Llanview and relocated, alone, to Chicago with daughter Tina. Irene’s marriage to Ted Clayton, Tina’s said father, ended in divorce. When Irene found out she had cancer in 1978, she returned to Llanview, where Viki agreed to raise Tina. Irene died soon after, and Viki and Tina were faced with plenty of trouble when Ted arrived in town. Tina left Llanview after witnessing the shooting death of Ted.

It wasn’t until Tina returned to Llanview with Irene’s diary, which revealed a secret marriage to Victor Lord and the fact that Tina was his daughter, that Viki was forced to face the truth. During this time, a memory of Viki finding Irene and Victor in bed resurfaced.

In later years, David Vickers cleared Dorian Lord of Victor’s murder after a written confession from Irene was located. Though the confession had been forged, the diary also revealed that Irene had a son with Victor after their divorce. Their son turned out to be Todd Manning, who Irene had given to her cousin Peter Manning and his wife Betsy to raise.