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Welcome to “One Life in a Week” for August 1 – 5:

Wow, what a week it’s been in Llanview. This week was all about getting answers and the much-anticipated reveals and reunions. The payoff was great, along with some fantastic acting. I actually found myself riveted, with not much complaining to do. Here’s what I thought…

Will the real Todd Manning please stand up?
Where do I begin? Once T.M. emerged from behind the curtain to the shocked residents of Llanview, every scene that followed had me on the edge of my seat. There were so many great scenes between T.M. and those he loved. I loved how they weaved in flashbacks of T.M. with the parties involved throughout the week. Roger Howarth was masterful in each scene, expressing joy at seeing his loved ones and anguish that he was being doubted. In fact, every player involved with this story really amazed me. I don’t know about Blair, but that kiss T.M. planted on her knocked my socks off! Tea’s confusion seemed genuine, as she wants to believe her husband but is torn. My heart almost broke when T.M. begged Viki to believe in who he was, because if she did, then everything would be okay. Best of all was Starr’s reaction. When she first saw T.M., she knew he was her father. Although confusion followed, we were rewarded with the emotional moment when T.M. learned of Hope. I had chills. On the flip side, Trevor St. John did a great job trying to simply write off T.M. as an imposter. The one thing about this story that would have been great is if viewers did not really know about Trevor’s departure. Had we not known he was leaving, it would have been more interesting to watch both T.M. and Todd plead their case. The details are still murky on how this stolen identity all went down, but I feel the viewers were treated to some very special writing and acting this week in these scenes. Which scene riveted you the most? Please vote in our poll!