What can see say! We’re back with news on another old-timer returning to the show! A past favorite, Christopher Cousins, will be reprising his role of the ever so diligent con artist Cain Rogan!

For those who don’t remember Cain’s place on the Llanview roster, here’s his character lowdown… He was best known for his many personalities, and the masquerades, used to pull off some of the most memorable scams in town against Asa Buchanan (Phil Carey) and Tina Lord (Andrea Evans), who is also set to return in June!

Although we don’t have an exact airdate for Christopher yet, we can tell you he’ll be hitting the scene sometime in July. Hmmm… a month after Tina rolls back into town. Can we say, “Ah-Ha!” Yes, he’ll somehow be connected to Tina, that’s a gimme, but he’ll also be the center of an unexpected twist that the show has planned for its viewers! I have to give Ron Carlivati some much-deserved praise… Since he’s taken over the helm, his storylines have kept us all begging for more!

Soaps.com wants to welcome Christopher back to the show! We can’t wait to see how you bring Llanview to its knees with your latest con! Please stay tuned to our One Life to Live Comings and Goings page for Christopher’s first airdate!