During Entertainment Weekly’s reveal of what shows they thought had a top twenty-one spot in their Skin Games: You Pick 21 Examples Of Gratuitous TV special, we were ecstatic to see that One Life to Live’s Forbes March (Nash) and Bree Williamson (Jessica) ranked up their among some of Hollywood’s hottest stars!

What scene was so hot that our favorite Llanview couple received such recognition? Their steam room scene, of course! Who could forget that hot scene back on January 19, 2007 when Jessica entered the stem room looking for Antonio only to find Nash there!

Here’s an excerpt from the past recap

When Jessica enters the steam room, she drops her towel and says, “You think it’s hot in here, I’m going to really make you hot.” Suddenly, Nash stands up and drops his own towel! “Oh, my, Nash! I thought you were Antonio!” While Jessica pleads for him to put his clothes on, Nash accuses her of liking what she sees! “I hate you!” Jessie screams, then tries to walk away. However, Nash doesn’t let her go and says she’s not leaving until she stops hating him.

Need more of a refresher? Watch the scene on our Soaps.com You Tube site! It’s the first video in our favorites!

Soaps.com wants to congratulate Forbes and Bree for making their mark in the Skin Games special! Your chemistry as an onscreen couple definitely has a way of making us feel the heat!