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Welcome to Amy’s “One Life in a Week” for July 25 – 29:

It’s safe to say this week was all about reveals. One man revealed himself to another. An outsider revealed his true feelings. And amongst the confusion encompassing Llanview, Tomas finally admitted a small part of his past. It’s about time, so let’s get on with the details and where I stand on the current storylines…

CIA Operative.
Tomas was in the CIA. No big surprise there and no doubt he’s still covering up some major secrets. Too bad we’re not any closer to knowing how Todd fits into all of this. If I had to guess, considering Tomas stated that he got mixed up with some bad people who were connected to Todd, I’d say this goes back to the Walker Lawrence affiliation. For fans who weren’t watching back then, Walker was Mitch’s brother, who was involved with the mob. Considering how guilty Todd is acting, and Tomas’ claim that he’s not the real Todd Manning, I wouldn’t be surprised if he was indeed Walker. So, who’s the big boss that everyone is afraid of, including Agent Baker? This spells trouble with either Mitch Lawrence or Carlo Hesser’s name written all over it. If you’d like to hear what the head writer had to say about this storyline visit Michael Fairman’s Ron Carlivati Interview.

I don’t usually go home with a guy on the first date.
Love, love, love John and T.M. working together. I’m starting to see the past Todd Manning surface in T.M.’s dialogue. What a crack-up he was to comment on John’s good looks [can’t argue with him there] and joke about John taking him home after their ‘first date’. Classic Todd Manning. I about lost it watching T.M.’s facial expressions while Roxy rubbed his toweled head, thinking Johnny McBain and his amazing hair were underneath. The family is going to be put on the biggest out of control rollercoaster ride of their lives and next week will reveal all of their reactions to T.M. Though she loves Todd, if it turns out T.M. is the real Todd Manning, I anticipate an emotional reunion between him and Starr like no other. Those two always had such a close bond.