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Welcome to Amy’s “One Life in a Week” for July 18 – 22:

The tale of two Todd’s ignited this week. Was the confrontation between Todd and T.M. all that you anticipated? It was for me. I hope we’re given equally compelling scenes until this plays out on the road to discovering who the real Todd Manning is. There were other things that also piqued my interest, some not so much. Let’s take a look…

I am Todd Manning.
As someone who’s watched this show for thirty years, there haven’t been many scenes that can compare to the level of excitement, tension and desperation that filled the ones between T.M. and Todd. I was pretty stuck in my belief that Trevor St. John should turn out to be the real Todd Manning, considering Roger decided to leave the popular role so many years ago. It took me a long time to accept Trevor in the role. Upon hearing of Roger’s comeback, though I’ve always been a fan, I adamantly objected to him returning to his original role. At this point, after being sucked into some amazing scenes this week, I don’t care who the real Todd turns out to be. I mean that in a good way. This storyline could go so many different ways. Seeing Roger and Trevor go toe to toe, I’m having too much fun being entertained to play favorites anymore. Both men appear to think there are the real Todd Manning, and now that John’s seen T.M. for himself… Get ready because during the week of August 1 John will finally reveal to everyone who the real Todd Manning is.

“As long as Dani doesn’t find out.”
Deanna and Nate did the deed, and now Dani’s bound to come across “Hold The Diploma” on someone’s computer screen or by a more public means. Though she most likely doesn’t watch porn, I can picture her catching Roxy, David, or even Jack stumbling upon it. After having to sit through weeks of dealing with Nate and Deanna’s ‘Rick dilemma’ it would only be right to let Dani in on it too. Nate and Deanna don’t get any sympathy from me. There were plenty of other ways for them to deal with their issues. Deanna could’ve appealed to a handful of adults for help in finding her mother. Nate, well, he could’ve just told the truth. How stupid of them to think changing their names to China Moon and Buster Ridge would keep their involvement in the porn a secret.

Bored out of my head.
Kelly and Joey have been tip-toeing around their feelings ever since they returned to Llanview. Now that they’ve finally reconnected, it’s time for them to head back to London or anywhere that isn’t Llanview. There’s nothing exciting left for them in town, storyline-wise, and they’ve been exhausted beyond tolerable anymore. Do you feel the same or is there someone else you’d like to leave pronto? Let me know through my Poll: Hasta La Vista Llanview.