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Welcome to Amy’s “One Life in a Week” for July 11 – 15:

This week was all about dead bodies, missing evidence, revenge and my favorite part, Sam’s birthday party. If those attending only saw the face of the man behind the superhero costume it would’ve been a birthday to remember. Could it be T.M. is really everyone’s superhero in disguise? Let’s take a look…

Happy Birthday, Deputy Sam.
I can’t say it enough, especially because I’m not a fan of using the youngsters in major storylines… I love how they’ve brought Sam to the forefront in the one surrounding T.M. Listening to T.M. taunt Agent Baker while lurking around Llanfair and watching how he reacted to hurting Jack at The Sun only added an extra spark to his otherwise already intriguing persona. Is he the real Todd or just a programmed version of him? T.M. sure as hell is acting like the Todd of old. Providing the entertainment at Sam’s party, disguised as a super hero and interacting with those around him was a hoot. Next week… the two Todd’s finally come face to face. It’s going to be explosive. Place your bets now fans, Vegas may pay out big when the real Todd Manning is finally revealed!

A total lost cause?
Starr confiding in Baz about Sam’s ‘imaginary’ friend and the connection to her father’s old face was beyond annoying. Wouldn’t she logically confide in James since it’s been bothering her so much? That’s the sort of thing you do, lean on your significant other during stressful times. I no longer care about Starr or James as a couple and couldn’t care less if they make a real go of their relationship. Ron Carlivati hyped this couple up then threw them on the backburner for far too long. If I knew this was going to happen, I would’ve rather watched Starr wait around for Cole for ten years. At this point, how do you feel about Starr and James? Let me know through my Poll: Starr and James.