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Welcome to Amy’s “One Life in a Week” for July 4 – 8:

We only had four episodes in Llanview this week. I wouldn’t call it an overly exciting week, storyline-wise, but couldn’t be happier with the news that One Life To Live And Llanview Will Live On after its ABC cancellation! It’ll be interesting to see how Ron Carlivati handles all of the storylines before the big transition and what actors will carry on with the new venture. Stay tuned, as we’ll bring readers answers to various questions in regards to the switch. For now, I’m just happy we don’t have to say goodbye to a show we love. Okay, on with my blog…

Selfishness at its best.
Brody knows how much it hurt Natalie to lose John during Liam’s paternity scandal. I get that he’s upset, considering this is the third child who will be stripped away from him since his arrival in Llanview. None of the boys, Shane, Ryder or Liam, had any blood relation to Brody. It’s enough to cause anyone a world of heartache. Brody landed in St. Ann’s after Shane was revealed to be Rex’s. He knows the ramifications of falling prey to lies, yet he’s choosing to keep this secret from Natalie and John. Brody’s a total hypocrite for trashing Jessica’s way of handling her own issues. No matter the loss, he should’ve come clean the second he learned John was Liam’s father. How do you think Brody should’ve handled the truth? Vote in my Poll: Brody’s Knowledge Of Liam to let me know. Frankly, Brody’s just as bad as Marty. She created this mess. He’s keeping it hidden.

Seven-figure job at The Sun.
Speaking of hypocrites… Vimal bashed Rama for lying about the pregnancy in exchange for striking it rich. Now he’s staying quiet about John being Liam’s father. Whether he’s doing so out of fear, for money, or a new job at The Sun, it all boils down to deceit. Maybe he should reunite with Rama. They seem to have the same priorities in life. If we’re to look at the other side of the coin… I can see Vimal fearing for his life after Todd threatened to have his tongue cut out and buried along with the rest of his body. He could always go to John, who would most likely protect him. But with Todd offering Vimal a seven figure job at The Sun… That brings blackmail to a whole other level. Holy hell, I can’t guarantee I’d even be able to pass up that offer… living in the fictional land of Llanview, that is.

The gag order has been lifted.
I gained a bit of newfound respect for Jessica this week. Not for forgiving Ford for taking advantage of her, but for agreeing to allow her son’s father to be a part of his life. It was the right thing to do for Ryder’s sake. Dealing with Tess’ mistakes and everything that caused Jessica’s breakdown will only make her stronger in the end. Family or not, I don’t care if Jessica and Natalie ever bury the hatchet. My ultimate wish for Jessica would be to continue possessing and displaying that little hint of Tess with a sense of right and wrong about her.