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Welcome to Amy’s “One Life in a Week” for June 27 – July 1:

This week brought more amazing scenes to the forefront, as well as one hell of an exit bomb. Most of the time we’re faced with lie upon lie, week after week, so Monday’s episode was refreshing, considering the amount of truth told throughout. Rex faced having to let Gigi go, Clint admitted he wasn’t the man Viki once knew, and Tea told Todd one of the most hurtful truths of all. Let’s take a look…

“Jack is a dangerous person.”
What an emotional scene it was on Monday when Tea and Todd were discussing Jack. Right or wrong, I get why Todd did what he did – to protect his son. This is who Todd is. At least he didn’t try to hide the truth from Tea, who countered Todd’s explanation with two real eye-opening statements: Jack is dangerous, and Tea sees Todd when she looks at his son. Jack is more than a spoiled kid. He continues to make excuses for his actions, thinks he’s entitled and is bound to commit worse crimes than Todd ever had if someone doesn’t stop him. Todd’s trying to open Jack’s mind to straightening up, but it might be too late. On a side note, too bad Shaun was watching over Tea on the docks. The look on her face had T.M. been able to approach her from behind would’ve been priceless.

Farewell to one of my favorites.
Many fans were devastated to learn that Trevor St. John will be leaving before the show’s end… We are bound to be faced with exits we don’t like, or quite understand, and this is one of them. Trevor’s contract was up. I get that. However, considering the show is ending, he’s been a huge part of the cast since 2003, and the actor wanted to stay on until the end… Unless Ron Carlivati throws a curveball way out of left field, it’s looking as though Roger will end up being the real Todd Manning. Even if Trevor isn’t the real Todd there’s plenty of need and room to keep him here until the end. This actor filled shoes in a recast that no one imagined could ever be possible. Total shame.

Echo’s revenge.
Waste of airtime. Echo never really made a splash upon her return, and I don’t see the need to waste time with her revenge against Viki and Dorian. If anything, Viki should be going after Echo. Are you as sick of Echo as I am? Vote in my Poll: Echo’s Presence to let me know. I had hoped Ron Carlivati would write David’s movie into the mix, but that was before the cancellation was announced. I don’t want to see anymore wasted space dedicated to Dorian’s insecurities or those trying to make her feel this way. Send David and Dorian off into the sunset, or keep them here until the end, just please stop with all of this filler crap.