The Internet buzz has been going crazy lately with rumors that One Life to Live has a big storyline planned for May Sweeps involving a death – and Forbes March is supposedly the victim!

Although ABC is staying tightlipped on this rumor, and the details of how it’ll all play out are unsure, has learned that Forbes March is leaving the show! The coming months are already proving to be spectacular for the soap – given all of the high profile returns the show is planning, but this is definitely a big shocker – and an upsetting one! We’ve watched and wondered about Nash as he took up with this new mysterious business partner and have cringed with worry while he continues to get sucked deeper into debt through many tempting promises presented to him. So, how will it all play out? Will the show kill this fan favorite off after he has made it into the hearts of many through the Antonio/Jessica/Nash storyline – or will Nash simply walk away from Llanview for good? I, personally, can say… I am truly saddened that Forbes March is indeed leaving the show – no matter how it all plays out.

Since coming to One Life to Live in July of 2005, Forbes has done a remarkable job and will sorely be missed by fans. has learned that his final air date will be June 5, 2008.