Spoiler warning!

Updated on July 20:

It looks as though we are going to see Farah bring Gigi back to Llanview during the week of August 1. It’s still unclear if Rex will begin seeing Gigi’s ghost or if she will simply be a figment of his imagination. Whatever the case, look for Echo (Kim Zimmer) to start worrying about Rex’s state of mind over these visions.

Previously Reported on June 23:

Farah has taken to her Facebook to address her exit, as well as John-Paul Lavoisier’s (Rex) status with the show, and stated, “Just because Gigi’s dead, doesn’t mean I’m off the show… I should have some news for you in the next week or two about *something* – Nor John-Paul or myself have been asked to join “GH.” Those are 100% rumors. Another rumor is going around that JP is being given an early exit (Sept.) Let’s just say that’s funny because he was told the opposite.”

Could it be Gigi will come back as a ghost? Stay tuned!

Previously Reported on June 16:

It looks as though Farah Fath (Gigi) and David Fumero (Cris) will be the latest actors to exit before “One Life To Live” airs its final episode in January 2012. Though we don’t have any details as to when David will exit, Farah’s will be sooner than some may have expected…

In the latest issue of Soap Opera Weekly Farah admitted that she found out her character would be killed off this past March by Executive Producer Frank Valentini. Given the show’s cancellation, the actress didn’t feel bad about the decision at all, which might not have been made had the show lived on.

Apparently it wasn’t an easy decision for Head Writer Ron Carlivati, but we can’t deny that it’ll add plenty of extra drama between the Buchanans, Balsoms and Mannings. It’s no secret that Rex (John-Paul Lavoisier) hates his father Clint (Jerry verDorn) and considering Gigi’s demise is a result of Jack’s (Andrew Trischitta) actions, we can only imagine what’ll happen from here on out. Bottom line, Clint needs a heart, and Gigi just might be his ticket to getting one.

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