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Welcome to Amy’s “One Life in a Week” for June 13 – 17:

Just when I thought I couldn’t handle anymore tragedy, more ensued, which only reminds me the end is near. T.M. had a few flashbacks that made me go, “Hmmm.” Tess and Ford made love – finally, and John and Natalie kissed, only to say goodbye to their relationship forever. Let’s take a look at what stood out for me in Llanview this week…

Can they beat the odds?
Bobby Ford dressed as a nun, Sister Roberta Ford, had me in stitches. Oh, the lengths men go to for the women they love… Tess and Ford gave into their feelings and sealed the deal by making love. Some think he once again took advantage of Jessica. I beg to differ. That may have been the case the first time around, when Ryder was conceived, but now Tess opened up to Ford on a whole new level. These two are in love, and we have to remember Tess is a part of Jessica, one that may bring more impact to Jessica’s life now that she’s returned and has been faced with more deception from those she loves. Vote in my Poll: Next For Jessica to let me know where you’d like to see her go from here.

Forgive but never forget.
It pains me to know that Liam is John’s, yet Natalie and John have no idea. What a mess of a week it was with John, Natalie, Brody and Jessica, not to mention Todd’s latest taunting, which I’m so sick of. Come on Ron Carlivati, enough with the filler scenes. Jolie fans were pulled into John and Natalie’s passionate kiss just to have them admit they were finally over. This constant push and pull between them is getting old. Then there’s Brody… He’s given up on Jessica, too easily out of character, and set his sights on Natalie. I don’t get why Ron has destroyed yet another once strong, much-loved character. And why the hell is Natalie fawning all over Brody? I was praying the Llanview Gods would keep Natalie’s obscene moaning to a minimal this time around with Brody. No such luck. I’ll never forget the first time they had sex due to her hideous sound effects and could’ve done without them this time too. She never acted out this way with John. Must be Brody knows how to do something he doesn’t.