Credit: Susan as Marty (ABC)

Updated on April 25, 2008:

The wait is over fans, it’s official! Susan Haskell has just confirmed on her Official Website that she’ll be returning to the show as Marty in June! We’ll be sure to keep you posted when her first airdate is released! Watch out Llanview, things are about to heat up!

Previously reported on April 21, 2008:

Back on December 4, 2007 we all saw the van blow up, with One Life to Live’s Marty Thornhart inside it. However, given Lee Ramsey’s new mysterious houseguest, many fans are now wondering, “Is she really dead or has Lee been holding her captive this whole time?”

If you’ve been following this storyline you’ll know that it’s rumored that the show is trying to lure original Marty creator, Susan Haskell, back to the role. Since Christina Chambers was let go from the part in December 2007, fans haven’t given up hope of a character return – or accepted that Marty is really dead.