Credit: Forbes March (ABC)

It’s no secret that each new day brings a fresh rumor in soapland. As always, doesn’t take part in fueling those pesky little tidbits – rather we try to dispel them for readers or, to say the least, bring them some kind of reassurance.

Some of the latest rash of One Life to Live exit rumors involve Forbes March (Nash), Tobias Truvillion (Vincent) and Kathy Brier (Marcie).

When we contacted our friends at ABC to see if in fact these players are leaving the show, an ABC Rep told, “We do not comment on rumors.”

While that doesn’t give readers the answers they were hoping for, it does in fact mean that no matter what’s posted around the net today nothing is official, which means these actors aren’t going anywhere till the Powers-That-Be say so – if they even do!

Although Kathy Brier’s role as Marcie started out as temporary back in 2002, throughout the years her character has gone on to be a part of some unforgettable storylines including The Killing Club Murders and Tommy’s Kidnapping to name a few!