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Welcome to Amy’s “One Life in a Week” for May 23 – 27:

Just when we thought things couldn’t get any more twisted in Llanview, they did. Bo and Nora feared for Matthew’s life, Tomas wrangled his way into the Manning Estate, and forget about Tess and Wess… say hello to Bess. Let’s take a look.

Jess, Tess, Wess and then there was Bess.
This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Bess nor will it be the last. She, as is Viki’s alter Jean, is the voice of reason within Jessica’s head. Given the length of time Jessica’s been MIA, and Tess’ reactions toward Ford, I have my doubts about Jessica and Brody getting their happily ever after. Could we be heading toward a Jessica/Ford pairing, like I predicted a few weeks ago?

The ones they’ve loved all along.
John and Kelly had a bittersweet goodbye. Though their sex scenes were hot and full of energy, there’s still a need to carry on the storyline and reunite them with, like Kelly said, the one’s they’ve loved all along. However, now that Joey can’t up and leave Aubrey like he wants to, for the sake of Ryder, it wouldn’t be a shock if Kelly hit John up for a few more future sessions of rebound sex while dealing with thoughts of Joey under the same roof as Aubrey. Speaking of the Buchanan Mansion roof…

Cutter in a smoking jacket.
Cutter rolling in the deed to the Buchanan Mansion as a stipulation to having Tess committed… What a whopper of a demand and a bold move to boot. I can see him now, Hugh Hefner Jr. waltzing around in one of Asa’s old smoking jackets, ordering Nigel to bring him a pipe.

Hanging in the balance.
Bo and Nora have to be the unluckiest parents in the universe. Not only were they scared to death over the truth about Eddie’s murder coming out, now they’re left to face a more devastating truth… That their son could very well die. The show is leading us to believe that we’re going to be in for another savior storyline involving Clint and Matthew. However, events in Llanview can turn on a dime and make the obvious outcome not so obvious at all. Let me know how you think things will pan out by voting in my Poll: Matthew’s Condition. Knowing that the bullying between Jack and Shane is going to continue, with tragic results, don’t be surprised if a twist somehow involves one of them.

Stuck between a Buchanan secret and the boy she loves.
What’s with the young kids in Llanview always having such adult problems? I’m not sure what I’d do in Dani’s position. Nate’s her boyfriend. She should be loyal to him. However, Matthew’s secret is huge, and Dani doesn’t want to be responsible for sending him to prison. Given that Nate already knows the truth, and thinks Dani betrayed him to protect Matthew, I can see Nate and Deanna growing closer over this latest mess.