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Welcome to Amy’s “One Life in a Week” for May 16 – 20:

This week had Todd backed into a corner, the race was on to find Marty, we found out that Matthew and Destiny are no longer virgins, and a little fast food was thrown into the mix. Let’s take a look…

Fast food at its best.
Llanview’s weenie found himself a pal this week – hamburger Patty. The old Ford would’ve delved into this hamburger’s fixings, but the new Ford only wanted a bit of pro bono information from his fellow fast food worker. Nice funny touch. The only thing that would’ve made the scene more comical, aside from James’ relishing jabs, would’ve been Tess and her response to seeing Bobby wrapped up in a bun again. Love it when she calls him her big weenie!

The birds and the bees.
I’m not disappointed that the show had Destiny and Matthew lose their virginity to each other off screen. Sex scenes at that age can appear awkward, and it’s just not necessary to show them. Frankly, this turn of events wasn’t really needed, but it’ll make Matthew and Destiny’s bond stronger in the coming weeks when she’s forced to defend the boy she’s been head over heels for since the first day they met. How do feel about Matthew and Destiny becoming a couple? Share your thoughts with me through my Poll: Matthew and Destiny.

Eddie’s murder strikes one last fuse.
You’d think with Blanca running around Llanview threatening to expose Matthew, as well as Nate laying him out flat for allowing him to take the fall for Eddie’s murder, Matthew’s life couldn’t get any worse. Well fans, it will. Very soon we could be seeing the head writer taking a page from a past “The Young And The Restless” storyline. In the latest Weekly Video Promo: Matthew’s Condition Is Very Grave we learned that Matthew collapses unexpectedly and could very well die as a result of his condition. This will leave Nate blaming himself and many wondering if Matthew’s heart will be the key to saving Clint’s life. Eddie Alderson has had a great, lengthy run with the show, so I’m not opposed to it if this is how the storyline pans out. This will lay the platform for a ton of emotions to encompass those who are still trying to deal with the crimes Clint has committed. Unlike the Genoa City storyline, which involved two major families, this will cause turmoil within one family that is already at risk of being broken forever.