Kelly barely beats death. (

Welcome to Amy’s “One Life in a Week” for May 9 – 13:

This week was jam-packed full of excitement, one of the biggest Sweeps’ periods to date! Natalie’s life hung in the balance, as did Kelly’s, Liam was kidnapped, Jess became Wess, and an infamous face from the past appeared. Let’s take a look…

He’s back…
…On Friday the 13th no less. It’s clear someone has been keeping the man with Todd’s old face, including the scar, against his will. Has it always been the case? I’m not sure but can bet fans will be sitting on the edge of their seats as this storyline unfolds. Don’t be surprised if ABC carries this one out until the very end. Though Tomas clearly knows more than he’s saying about Todd, I’m not sure he has any idea who the real Todd Manning is. Do you?

The latest unfaithful Mrs. Buchanan.
It’s about time Cutter took charge and knocked Aubrey down a few pegs. The look on her face when he stormed into the Buchanan mansion and told Joey he’d been after his family’s fortune all along was priceless. I’m not surprised Cutter didn’t rat out Aubrey to Joey. If he had he would’ve gotten nothing. However, it’s neither here nor there because there is a God in Llanview… I’m so happy Clint told Joey the truth about Aubrey and Cutter. Clint convincing Joey to stay quiet about Aubrey’s unfaithfulness and intent to team up with Cutter to rob the family blind may just give Joey some depth, finally. Though I don’t have much confidence that Joey can pull off the masquerade, I pray he does and look forward to the tension-filled scenes between him and the latest unfaithful Mrs. Buchanan. This could be the one storyline that finally wins me over in regards to this character. Not to mention a twist in the road that could lead Joey straight back to Kelly.

Jess, the mess, turns into Wess.
Hello, Wess! Some say Jessica created this new alter as a way to push Brody away. Technically, as the host, only Jessica could develop a new personality, but I’d like to think that somewhere deep inside Jessica’s mind Tess created this new alter as a way to ignore the feelings she has for Ford. Whatever the case, even though they’re trying to deny them, I’m digging Ford and Tess’ feelings for each other and could even see them falling in love. They remind me of Tess and Nash. Only thing is, it could never last since Jessica is bound to return. With that being said, though Jessica ended up falling for Nash, and him for her, I hope the head writer doesn’t try to repeat history between Jessica and Ford. With only eight months left in Llanview, we deserve more than a recycled storyline involving the same character. Were you happy to see Jessica’s new alter? Let me know through my Poll: What A Mess, Wess? The highlight of Wess’ appearance had to be watching Jessica’s body hitting on the ladies in Llanview. What a total mind-boggling trip for those onlookers who didn’t realize she’d become a man.