Recognizing those behind the scenes.

A lot of times those behind the scenes don’t get the recognition for bringing our daily soap operas to life. Today, two “One Life To Live” actors were given credit with a 38th Annual Daytime Emmy Nomination. However, the show also received a nomination for Outstanding Drama Series Directing Team, which includes Directors Zetna Fuentes, Gary Donatelli, Larry Carpenter, Jill Mitwell, Frank Valentini, Mary Ryan, Danielle Faraldo and Bruce Cooperman, Associate Directors Tracy Casper Lang, Michael Sweeney, Teresa Cicala, Anthony Wilkinson, Paul Glass and Daniel Krausz, Stage Managers Keith Greer, Brendan Higgins and Alan Needleman, and Production Associates Kevin Brush and Nathalie Rodriguez.

Other technical nominations were handed out in the following categories…

“One Life To Live,” along with “All My Children” and “General Hospital,” were nominated in the New Approaches Daytime Entertainment category for ABC’s “What If” webisodes. The Art Directors and Production Designer were nominated for their work with scenic design, which is well deserving considering we were treated to all those delish scenes out of the studio.

The show was also nominated for hard working hairstylists, Wayne Bilotti, KatieJo Kardel, Marc Zafrani, Danielle D’Anna and Joyce Carollo. We’ve seen Jessica’s locks for example, always looking lovely while her makeup looks sultry to match her behavior. Wondering what else they were nominated for? Take a look at the rest of the technical Emmy noms for One Life To Live.