Dan Gauthier (ABC)

The firing of Dan Gauthier (Kevin) came to a shock to many, himself, the fans and his fellow castmates.

Trevor St. John (Todd) commented on the release of his friend, “One Life to Live’s decision to fire Dan is difficult to understand. Dan is a terrific actor, one of the best in daytime, and a dear, dear friend to everybody on the show. I’m sure he’ll find another place where his talent is appreciated. I’ll miss him at work every day and I think the show will be poorer for his absence. I can only imagine the fans’ reaction to the loss of such a great asset to the show.”

Trevor was only one of many to speak out about Dan’s demise on One Life to Live. Kassie DePaiva (Blair) left a statement on her message board regarding the matter. “So very rarely a recast really works, and One Life to Live was so lucky to have found Dan. I find it hard to believe that these focus groups don’t like the character of Kevin. He’s dysfunctional, self-destructive, powerful and strong. Dan was able to pull that off beautifully. I’m so saddened by this, and the canvas of One Life to Live has just lost a huge splash of color”

Not only are the fans hoping that their constant emails pleading with One Life to Live to keep Dan on the show will do the trick, Kristen Alderson (Starr) is also hopeful. “They are making a huge mistake if they don’t change their minds. I hope that all the emails, letters and calls will make them rethink their decision.”

So fans, keep up your strong campaign by letting the powers that be know YOU, the viewers, want Dan to remain on One Life to Live!

Your voice can be heard by writing here:

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