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Welcome to Amy’s “One Life in a Week” for May 2 – 6:

This week brought us one of the fastest divorces and new marriages Llanview has seen in quite some time. We had another attempt at seduction, a new arrest, and more bullying. Let’s take a look…

I didn’t do it, I swear.
What a little liar Jack is. Granted, he didn’t post the bullying messages himself but egged Brad on to continue posting more. Todd’s message to Jack was compelling and the scene where the Mannings and Morascos finally all came face to face was filled with tension. I might have been able to forgive Jack if he was truly sorry. However, to have every intent on continuing to bully Shane after what his father told him, not to mention Shane’s attempted suicide, Jack needs serious help.

A little therapy, anyone?
Loved the family therapy session and how Gigi and Rex admitted to taking Shane’s tape and hiring the thugs to send Jack a message. Shane also proved to be perusing this time to reveal that he checked his MyFace and saw that the bullying hadn’t stopped. Therapy is doing well for these characters. Dr. Buhari might want to seek out some herself, in regards to holding on to Marty’s secret, before it’s too late.

He tried to kill me.
I have no doubt that Todd saw Tomas in the window during the shooting. Initially, I didn’t think he shot Todd. Now, I’m not so sure. I loved how Todd called John to let him know he’d come back to the living and asked him to bring his cuffs and do his job. They’ve never tried to hide their hatred toward each other, but on some level John and Todd have always shared a mutual respect. This encrypted classified file that the CIA has on Tomas, as well as the one they have on Todd, seems to hold all of the secrets. If you mix in the strange calls Todd has been getting, you can bet everyone close to Todd is in for one hell of a revelation. Who do you think is calling Todd? Vote in my Poll: Who’s Calling Todd to let me know. We’ll first see Roger Howarth back next Friday the 13th, which couldn’t be more appropriate for one of Llanview’s biggest villains. If the rumors I’m hearing about who he’ll end up being are true, we’re never going to look at Todd Manning the same. Visit T.M.’s character profile for more of my theories.