Credit: Sean Ringgold (S. Ringgold)

“I’m speechless.”

Actor Sean Ringgold (Shawn Evans) called today to talk about the cancellation of One Life To Live.

“I don’t know, I’m speechless. There’s no way to make sense of this. Don’t we already have enough cooking shows?” Incidentally, since Sean hadn’t been in the studio at the time the news broke, he received a text from a stagehand. When asked how the actors who were on set received this news, Sean replied, “I’m sure the actors who were working were called in the office.”

We all have our own ideas of why the show was canceled, along with “All My Children.” Wondering if the actors were given a more enlightening answer as to why, Sean admitted, “I’m in the dark. I don’t ask, I don’t seek out answers. What’s done is done. I wish I could know, but it’s not going to change things. I thought we would’ve at least had a year. I’m trying to stay positive, it’s very sad, but I’m moving on to the next thing.”

Though very saddened, as we all are, Sean went on to say, “I’m still grateful and think about those who simply get fired. At least we have time to prepare for our future, to go out on auditions, and for that I’m grateful. It’s not so much about the money for me. There’s a special energy at “One Life To Live.” It’s not a common workplace. I love what I do.” It’s no secret that Sean has kept busy with film and Primetime gigs, but in terms of those who have always done “One Life To Live,” Sean stated, “I think about the actors who have only done this. Will they go on to something else or just stop?”