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Welcome to Amy’s “One Life in a Week” for April 11 – 15:

Aside from having to say goodbye to a longtime resident of Llanview, as well as Viki and Charlie’s marriage, fans were forced to hear the news we’ve all been dreading… One Life to Live has been canceled, as well as “All My Children.”

An end of an era.
I received the news yesterday while recapping the show and honestly didn’t know how I’d get through that hour of writing. I’m devastated, not only because I’ve spent the last five years as the “One Life to Live” writer for, but because I’ve been a fan of the show for thirty years. I feel deeply for all of the actors, the crew and the fans. I will say I have no respect left for ABC. They strung us around for the past year claiming these rumors weren’t true while they were putting their ducks in a row in order to replace these two soaps with lifestyle shows. I realize the economy is bad but don’t we already have enough lifestyle shows out there? Do they forget that soaps have a huge, loyal following? I’ll have more to say about this each week until the show is gone. It’s been a very hard couple of days. I’m numb. Let’s try to enjoy the show while we can. I know, easier said than done, but don’t we owe it to Llanview? I talked to a few of the actors and have included their interviews in the “OLTL” News Room.

“Three’s Company.”
James is no John Ritter, and Starr and Deanna definitely wouldn’t work well as the other part of a threesome in the Ford apartment. I think Eddie had a hand in forcing Deanna to break up with James and make him believe she didn’t love him. Knowing firsthand how mentally and verbally abusive Eddie was, I have to wonder if James will be able to let Deanna go without taking into account what they lost due to his father. I’m not sure where Starr is going to fit into this and am finding the chemistry between James and Deanna lacking.

Farewell Langston.
Langston’s send off went well. I could see the sadness in the actors as they played out the scene. Kristen (Starr) and Brittany (Langston) are best friends off screen as well, so it had to be tough saying goodbye to their Llanview connection after five years. It was nice to see Markko pop back into town, even if it was to take Langston out of it. Soon, we’ll have an even more emotional goodbye when we have to say farewell to Llanview as a whole in January 2012.

Can they really move on?
Hey, you never know… No matter how much John takes comfort in Kelly’s arms, his heart will always remain with Natalie and the son he thinks he can never have. There’s no doubt that Natalie loves John, but I’m a bit worried that she and Brody will fall back into each other’s arms as a way to once again ease their pain over the loss of John and Jessica. We’re seeing it happen already. If more rebound sex takes place, there may never be any hope for John and Natalie to reconcile.