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Welcome to Amy’s “One Life in a Week” for March 28 – April 1:

Guest stars, arrests and returns, oh my… The week didn’t start off very hot but progressed and unfolded into a drama filled mess. Let’s take a look at how everything went down then be sure to leave me your own thoughts before you head out for the weekend.

Kassandra Kavanaugh With Two Ks.
I think the Ks would’ve been better suited if the director had hollered out, “Kut! Kut!” a few more times before Monday’s episode was taped. I’m a big fan of the Kardashians, especially Kourtney, but I think it’s best if we keep reality and Daytime TV separate. Just sayin’…

An out of control Kardashian wannabe.
Thank God Tess returned to reclaim Jessica’s body. I see the little vacation inside her own head didn’t do anything for the level of annoyance Jessica causes me. Who the heck did she think she was to suggest she and Brody strip Ryder from Ford and go live happily ever after? Ford proved how desperate he is to stay in his son’s life by bringing Tess back. His quick thinking made for a great scene, not to mention proof that this character has matured.

Tuc Watkins, the hack, not to play David Vickers.
I loved the special shout out to the actor who plays David. It was hysterical when Viki and Dorian asked David if the Hollywood producer wanted Tuc Watkins to play David in the new film about his life and equally funny to hear David object with, “He’s a hack!” These little touches of comedy go a long way and were surely needed to get through Monday’s episode.

Hold The Pepperoni.

After Rex delivered that evidence to Bo, I think it’s safe to say Bo will be happy to treat Rex to a Rodi’s pizza and let him order any toppings he’d like. Bo also had me rolling when he explained to Clint how they’d found the proof against him by saying, “Bet you never thought you’d end up in a XXX movie.” All kidding aside, I don’t believe for one second that Matthew killed Eddie, even though that’s what Clint was made to think. I’m still placing bets that Nora did it. Matthew went to the Minute Man Motel, saw Nora kill Eddie, went to Clint claiming he did it and asked his uncle to cover for him – since he knew Clint would never cover for Nora. It’ll be interesting to see how my theory pans out.