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Welcome to Amy’s “One Life in a Week” for March 7 – 11:

This week the plot thickened. Marty clearly held a secret, Tomas sought out help to remove Todd from Tea’s life and so much more. Here are a few things that stood out for me.

The hot one.
I was rolling when Tess introduced herself to James, who clearly wondered how he and Ford were going to handle such a creature. Her dialogue is to die for. She has names for everyone, even James who she’s deemed ‘the hot one’ in comparison to Ford. Considering so many women in Llanview used to fawn over Ford, it’s ironic that Tess takes a shot at Ford sucking in bed every chance she gets. She’s had a wealth of experience in the sex department, so the comments should be enough to bruise Ford’s ego just a tad.

Works for Marty. Not so much for John.
I’ve had a suspicion that Marty switched Liam’s DNA results from day one. After that cryptic statement about everything working out as she planned, even though John had to lose his son for it to happen, only verifies it. I’ll be surprised if this isn’t the case. I can see it now, crazy Marty enlisting Tess to help her get John’s baby. They both hate Natalie. Oh, the possibilities. Whether Tess helps Marty or not I won’t fault her for it. After all, she’s not real and gets a free pass from me to wreak havoc on those around her. Even if someone manages to have Tess committed to St. Ann’s down the road, she’s proven to be very resourceful behind those four walls.

The walls are closing in.
Speaking of walls, they appear to be closing in on Clint. More people are starting to suspect him of killing Eddie. I don’t think he did. Many fans think Matthew did. Though I’m hoping the killer turns out to be Nora, Clint told Matthew Nora was sleeping with Eddie. Matthew could’ve very well gone over there after Eddie informed him over the phone that his mama was too busy pleasing him to chat it up with her little boy. I just hope this storyline wraps up soon because it’s teetering over Llanview’s edge toward ‘’.

Dorian the stick figure.
Considering the Warden assured Clint he’d hid any proof that David had been locked in his prison, you’d think he would’ve had the chalk stick figure labeled Dorian erased from the wall. I’m not sure if the Warden moved David to another location or if he’s off somewhere trying to get back to Dorian. I’m just glad Bo and Rex are working together. This little adventure should be enough to help get their relationship back on track. Now that Alex is coming back into the picture briefly, it makes one wonder if David has given up on Dorian and has other plans for those in Llanview. Even if Clint is in cahoots with Alex, she’s always had a soft spot for David so things should be interesting.