With a recent peek into ABC’s new OLTL media pics, it appeared to many that Guiding Light actor David Andrew MacDonald (ex-Edmund) was on his way to One Life To Live!

Although we were only privy to a snapshot of what appeared to be a new character wearing an eye patch and a pricey suit, we can tell you that an ABC Rep has confirmed to Soaps.com…

“He is NOT joining the show. He was on set taping an ESPN campaign.”

What campaign could OLTL and ABC soaps be involved with ESPN with? Visit our Latest News section to find out!

Aside from his 2007 stint on Guiding Light as Edmund Winslow, David has appeared in “Law and Order,” the 1999 mini-series “Paramour,” and “Sex in the City” and is no stranger to daytime having had roles on “Another World” and “Loving.”

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Amy Mistretta
OLTL Recap/News Writer