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Welcome to Amy’s “One Life in a Week” for February 28 – March 4:

This week was all about losing or trying to preserve the mental state of many in Llanview. A quick dose of reality isn’t always the cure to ground these people, but let’s see what we have to work with…

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ford.
It wouldn’t have been any fun if Brody and Langston had been able to stop the wedding before Tess executed her plan. I did feel a bit robbed that we didn’t get to see Tess fighting off Jessica during the beginning of the ceremony when the flashbacks of Jessica’s recent non-marriage to Brody emerged. One minute she yelled out, “Wait!” in the next episode, she and Ford were married. Once Brody barged in and bullied Tess and Ford around, I realized something. I could care less if Jessica ever returns or gets back together with Brody again. I think it’s because Jessica has always been written to have these great loves: Cris, Antonio, Nash and now Brody. I will always remember both Tess and Jessica’s love for Nash, and his for them. That was real, but enough with trying to replay history. Many people are lucky if they find one true love in a lifetime. Now that Natalie knows Tess is back, things should get really interesting. Tess tried to kill Natalie once, and I don’t doubt she’d attempt to do it again. I just hope Ford’s able to keep Ryder safe.

Jealous rage.
Joey lost his mind when he saw John and Kelly together. Though he threw plenty of insults, and one punch, John’s comebacks outshined them all. I’m officially over any chance of Kelly and Joey ever making things right and reuniting. Not interested, period. I’m actually liking bad boy John again. I’ve spent so much time hoping he and Natalie would get their happy ending, that I forgot how dangerous and sexy scorned John can be. It’s important for John to lick his wounds. Why not enjoy watching him do so for a little while?

Services included in the rent?
The Angels Square Hotel hasn’t been a normal hotel with full maid and towel service for a long time. Tenants normally rent by the month, so when Roxy barges into rooms unannounced it’s hilarious. We know she doesn’t clean and only carries around towels as an excuse to be nosey. Fun stuff.