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Welcome to Amy’s “One Life in a Week” for February 21 – 25:

There were a few big reveals this week that highlighted the already chaotic goings on in Llanview. In the first, we not only found out who’s been bullying Shane but we got a look at the nuJack Manning. Let’s break it all down…

Like father like son.
It was no surprise, even before the spoiler was released, that Shane’s bully turned out to be none other than Jack Manning. While I will miss the feisty younger version of Jack, who was a sure clone of Todd, I’m looking forward to seeing where Jack goes from here. I think the show was smart to SORAS the character. It was definitely time, especially since Jack would be the best bully to put in the part during this public awareness type storyline. If you missed my interview with the nuJack be sure to visit Interviews The New Jack Manning, Andrew Trischitta to learn more about the actor.

Matthew ‘The Train Wreck’ Buchanan.
The character has become so unlikeable to me. I couldn’t believe he walked past Shane without even offering to help ward off Jack. Granted, the kid’s family is a total train wreck these days, but if Matthew doesn’t straighten up, I can see a drug storyline on the horizon for this Llanview teen. He’s tried to be a class act, a total jerk, even an adult at times, but Matthew as we knew him has gone out the door. I’m starting to wonder if there’s even a need for him in Llanview at all.

I don’t owe you anything.
At this point, John’s right. He doesn’t owe Natalie an explanation for sleeping with Kelly or anything else. However, as I predicted, John’s taking the ‘John way out’ and will need to face his troubles head-on sooner or later. Joey acted like a total sap. I can’t see how he can justify being upset. Natalie started this whole mess with her lies, and Joey has no right to be angry that Kelly slept with John. He is a newly married man after all. Then there’s Kelly. Did she really think a pie would make things right with Natalie?

I’ve been buggered. I mean, I’ve been burgled.
I loved Roxy rushing to find Brody to report, “I’ve been buggered. I mean, I’ve been burgled.” Good thing Roxy didn’t have the sense to dial 911, or head to the station first, before making the long trek to Llanfair, or Brody wouldn’t have realized Tess was back so soon after she’d hightailed it to Vegas to marry Ford. I still don’t get why Jessica, who wasn’t Tess until after she broke into Foxy Roxy’s, would use a crowbar to break into the salon in the first place, but whatever… it worked.