Photo by Bader Howar

She was best known for playing Belle’s best friend Mimi Lockhart on Days of Our Lives for eight years, but a recent move to Llanview has brought Farah Fath a more mature and seemingly more complex character to play. As Gigi Morasco, Farah portrays a tough single mother who comes to town with a few secrets.

I recently caught up with Farah who shared her excitement over her new role and reflected on her time on Days of Our Lives.

Lori: Your portrayal of Gigi has been fun to watch. How have you been enjoying your new home at One Life to Live?

Farah: I’m pretty much just over the moon happy. I feel 100% rejuvenated and I’m more serious than ever about putting out good work. I get great material and don’t want to let down the people who hired me! Also, everyone has been so welcoming and I already feel like part of the gang.

Lori: Gigi seems to be more mature than your character on Days of Our Lives was. Was it important for you that she be totally different than Mimi?

Farah: In a sense, yes. I wasn’t really told much of anything about the character before my start day. In fact, the EP just said “…when you get your first script, you’ll figure it out…”. Which was fine because that’s pretty much how I operate anyway. I just jumped in without any real planning on how I was going to play the character. I really just let the writing do the talking (if that makes sense). There are really two things that make Gigi more mature than Mimi. I personally did a lot of growing on my time off and Gigi is a 27 or 28-year-old mom!

Lori: You are very believable as a mother, especially when your character was trying to protect Shane from Ramsey. Is it weird for you to be playing a mom, or is it just another day at work?

Farah: I’m not really sure how I feel about it (haha). I guess it’s a little bit of both. Maybe if the kid were somewhat younger I would find it more believable, but once again, I just have to kind of go for it. I’m doing the best I can with it, without having any real experience on the subject.

Lori: How do you like working with Austin Williams, who plays your son?

Farah: They certainly hired a professional! Soaps go SO fast and there are virtually no rehearsals so I was a bit worried for him seeing as how he’s only done film, but apparently he’s a certified genius and more times often than not, he’s correcting ME! So to answer this question, I’m lucky to be working with him. He’s kind of shy around me, but he loosens up with the guys, [like] John-Paul (Rex) & Michael Easton (John).