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Welcome to Amy’s “One Life in a Week” for February 14 – 18:

Just when we thought all of the lies were exposed, more were created. I’m not sure where the head writer is going with some of the actions surrounding a few characters this week, but let’s take a look…

My name is Charlie Banks and I’m an alcoholic… and a cheater!
Okay, here’s where I stop feeling sorry for Charlie. It was very sad for him to find out that Rex wasn’t his son. Should Charlie be devastated? Yes. Fall off the wagon? Sure, it would be understandable. Cheat on Viki? Oh, hell no! I’ve lost all respect for Charlie and officially want to welcome him to the loser’s club of Llanview. My slogan? “It’s only a matter of time before any good character joins.” Nevertheless, Charlie should feel guilty. In fact, I hope his guilt eats him up inside. If Viki finds out, she better not forgive him. There’s no excuse for cheating.

I’m not in the mirror. I’m in your head!
Now, here’s something I’m happy about! I’m not trying to minimize how upset Jessica is over the fact that Natalie slept with Brody and now has his baby, even though I still believe her baby is John’s. Anyone would be devastated. However, I’m so over Jessica accusing Natalie of always wanting her life. Maybe she wanted it years ago when she first arrived in Llanview, but over the years Natalie has created her own life and gained love and acceptance from everyone in her family. Enough already, Jessica. Really, at this point, who the hell would want Jessica’s life? The money would come in handy, the drama, not so much. Repetitious or not, I’ll take Tess’ return over whiny Jessica any day. I just wish Joey would’ve inherited another personality who could’ve stopped him from marrying Aubrey.

Pimp Daddy Ford.
I was a little stunned that Ford snuck into Llanfair to see his son but think the act will go a long way in saying that Ford’s really changed. He wants to be a father and take responsibility for his son. On a side note, were the bassinets labeled, so he knew for sure Ryder was the baby he was gushing over? Obviously, Ford’s need to be Ryder’s father is going to create major issues with Langston and Brody. Even though Tess plans to help Ford out, her motives are purely selfish. The only thing Tess cares about is remaining in control. Now that Langston thinks Ford’s gone back to his pimp daddy ways, this will be the beginning of the end for their newly developed relationship. It’s safe to say this is how the head writer plans to build up the character’s sendoff since the actress will last be seen on April 8. Yes fans, Langston’s last month in town will be filled with sadness and tough decisions.