Do you have a secret that you’ve been longing to share but just don’t have the nerve? Whether it’s private or you’re too afraid of how someone may react… Well now you can get it off your chest once and for all!

As you know, in the coming weeks, One Life to Live will being airing its “Go Red Ball” to promote heart disease awareness. However, since this is a soap, you can bet the residents of Llanview will be bringing drama to the event! Without giving any of their secrets away, viewers will watch as the characters deposit their hidden secrets into a “Get It Off Your Chest” box.

From now until Sunday, February 17, 2008 from 12:00 PM till 5:00 PM, when SoapNet runs its One Life to Live: Secrets Exposed marathon, fans are urged to send their own secrets into the soap channel as a way to take part in a storyline that’s promising to turn Llanview upside down!

So if you have a secret that is making you feel as though you’re going to explode if you don’t tell someone, don’t wait a second longer! Text the word SECRET, along with your ‘secret’, to 94999! Don’t forget to submit your name and the state you live in as well. From there, you’ll receive a text message confirming your entry – with the hopes that your secret will be chosen to appear on air during the Sunday, February 17, 2008 One Life to Live: Secrets Exposed marathon! wants to wish everyone good luck! Even if your secret doesn’t make the cut, at least you’ll feel some sense of relief knowing you got it off your chest!