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Welcome to Amy’s “One Life in a Week” for February 7 – 11:

Again, we only got to view four new episodes in Llanview, but the good news is ABC has halted any further repeats from taking place! This week was filled with reveals, deception and pure devastation, which leaves me with these thoughts on all of the secrets that were finally exposed…

Secret reveal number one: Charlie is not Rex’s father.
In this whole mess, and even more so than Rex, I felt so sorry for Charlie. He’s lost so much, has been dealing with his alcoholism and now this. Rex has always been strong and will bounce back, as will Shane, who has always had a close relationship with Charlie prior to thinking he was his grandfather. Clint, on the other hand, should be ashamed of himself. After everything he’s done, I couldn’t believe he didn’t try to save face in front of his family and continued to bash Rex publically.

Secret reveal number two: Brody is not the father of Jessica’s baby.
Can anyone say, “Where are my alters when I need them?” This news is going to put Jessica over the edge. In fact, we’re headed for another Tess return, which was revealed in the new Video Promo: Llanview February Sweeps. I’m a big Tess fan, probably because she’s who Jessica was when she first met and fell in love with Nash. Ever since Jessica lost her memories at the hands of Mitch, she’s become an unlikeable character in my book. I can’t wait to see Tess return to deal with the latest issues in Jessica’s drama of a life. Are you excited about Tess’ return? Vote in my Poll: Jessica’s Sanity to let me know.

Secret reveal number three: Natalie and Brody’s one-night stand.
John and Jessica were rightfully stunned when they found out about Natalie and Brody’s one night stand. Oh, how I wish Brody and Natalie would’ve come clean when this first happened. Neither Jessica nor John could’ve faulted them for it. They might have understandably been upset but would’ve had no grounds to call it cheating.

Secret reveal number four: John’s not the father of Natalie’s baby.
John broke my heart when he realized he’d fallen in love with a child who isn’t his, if we’re to believe what the DNA test says. I still think John’s Liam’s father. Putting everything that Vimal did aside, I think Marty went in and did a switch of her own to make it appear that Natalie’s baby was Brody’s.